How to create a transparent PNG logo

Every CraftLaunch site starts by using your default logo from Etsy. You may notice that the borders of this logo stand out on the background of your CraftLaunch site. Create a more professional site by using a transparent logo that lets the background color of your site show through. This gives a clean appearance with no borders and lets you easily adjust the background color of your site without having to create a new logo each time.

Step 1:

Go to and select open photo editor


Step 2:

Click to create a new image


Step 3:

Select the name and size of your logo and be sure to check transparent. We suggest the height of the image be around 90 and the width around 500.


Step 4:

Create your image and the click File > Save. Be sure to select PNG as the format and click save.


Step 5:

Upload your new logo in your Control Panel