How to add a contact form with

This tutorial shows you how to embed a contact form in a page using You will need to set up a free account at

Step 1:

Be sure you have signed up for a free account at

Step 2:

Under the tab Forms in your Wufoo control panel, click New Form!


Step 3:

Add the fields you want to have on your form. For a simple contact form, we suggest adding Name, Email and Paragraph Text. Be sure you make each field Required by checking the Required checkbox under each field you want required.


Step 3:

If you chose to add a *Paragraph Text field, be sure to give it a name under Field Label**.


Step 4:

Click on the Form Settings tab and enter your Form Name and Description. You can also chose to have a custom Confirmation Message and send a Confirmation Email to the user.


Step 5:

Click Save Form


Step 6:

After you save your form, there will be a pop-up dialogue box. Click Setup email notifications for this form.


Step 7:

Enter the email address were you want to receive new form submissions. You can even have new contact forms delivered to your mobile phone via a text message. (Hint: You can customize the subject line and other parts of the email by clicking Customize Notification Email)

Click Save


Step 8:

Click on the Forms tab and click on Code under the form you just created.


Step 9:

Click Embed Form Code and copy all of the code under JavaScript Version


Step 10:

Go to your CraftLaunch site Control Panel and Create a New Page

Step 11:

Under Content, click Source. Paste the code you coped from Wufoo into the text box and click Add. (You can also click Automatically add page to menu)