I bought my domain name through GoDaddy. How do I use it with Craftlaunch?

If you bought your domain name through GoDaddy and have signed up for the Custom Domain add-on to your subscription, you can use the following steps to point it to your CraftLaunch site:

1) Log in to your GoDaddy site on the home page, and click the "My Account" link

2) Click the green "LAUNCH" button next to the "Domains" label

3) Click on the name of the domain you'd like to use with CraftLaunch.

4) Click the "DNS Zone File" tab

5) Click "Edit"

6) Fill out the fields exactly as seen below. Enter "www" in the left box and "host.craftlaunch.com" in the right. Don't hit the Enter key when you're done.

7) Click the "Save Zone" button to save your settings.

A message will pop up warning that the changes could take up to 48 hours; however, in most cases it will take much less time.

8) Log in to your CraftLaunch control panel, click the "Domain Name" link and indicate that you've finished the necessary steps. This will let our system know that your domain is ready to be linked to your account.

After you've completed these steps, you may want to follow this article on pointing your "naked" domain (without the www) to your CraftLaunch site as well.