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How to add shop sections to your menu bar

By default, your site comes with a "Home" link and a "Shop" link that will display all of your Etsy listings for sale. If your shop has different sections, you can link to them on your menu as well. Here's how:

Step 1

Click on the Manage Menu link in your Control Panel.


Step 2

You can add your sections in one of two ways.

Option 1


To create a link called "Sections" on your menu that will show a list of all your sections, choose "List of Sections" from the "Add a preset drop down submenu" dropdown and click "Add".


Option 2


To add a link to an individual shop section to your menu, select the section from the "Add a link to a shop section" dropdown and click "Add".


Step 3

Whenever you make changes to your menu, you need to click "Save Menu" to make them active!