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How do I get my site higher on the Google rankings / How do I get more people to visit my site?

This is by far the question we get asked most here at CraftLaunch.

We wish we could say that there was a magic bullet that would shoot your site to the top of the charts and drive your sales through the roof. And we really wish that we could say that all you need is a CraftLaunch site! Unfortunately, that's not the case. But if you use it well, your CraftLaunch site really can have a great impact.

The truth is that on the Internet, just as in real life, the biggest contributor to your success is you. Getting your site linked to by people in the community, and linking back to others, has a big effect on your standing on Google. If people are talking about you on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, it will translate into people writing about you on their blogs, which will improve your status. If you put a link back to that site, and to other sites like it, it will help your status even more. Google likes to see that your site adds value to your community. Just remember to set the links to open in a new window, so that people that people don't end up leaving your site!

All that having been said, there are a couple of concrete steps you can take to make your site more search-engine friendly. First, you can submit your site directly to Google, rather than waiting for Google to come to you. Also, you can set up meta tags on your CraftLaunch site, which helps search engines understand what your site is all about.

Etsy is a competitive marketplace, whereas your CraftLaunch site is unique to you. If you're going to spend good time and money promoting yourself, it just makes sense to send people to a place where you stand alone. Getting a little more in touch with your customers--and letting them get to know you better--makes a huge difference in whether or not they decide to buy your product. We at CraftLaunch know this to be an absolute fact!

As always, we are here to help you in any way you can. Happy CraftLaunching!

-the CraftLaunch team.

p.s. it does take a few days for google to find you, period. don't expect anything right away!